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Our PatentsHuidaGene continues to improve global patent application and intellectual property layout to promote technology translation and synergistic development of R&D pipelines.

Securing Your License Means :
  • Safeguarding your work

  • Avoiding reputational implications

  • Ensuring the legitimacy of your project

  • Maintaining'speed to market’

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    United States Patent

Form of cooperationHuidagene grants licenses to the foundational CRISPR/Cas13&12 Intellectual property.

Licenses are available in a wide range of fields :
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    Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

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    CROs, CMOs & Tool Providers

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    Agriculture & Livestock applications

  • 01
    Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology
    • Target discovery and validation
    • High-throughput screening
    • Development and GMP production of therapeutic proteins and vaccines
    • Diagnostics
    • Animal models of disease
    • All internal R&D including sharing cell and animal models with collaborators
  • 02
    CROs, CMOs & Tool Providers
    • Cell lines for laboratory research and/or manufacturing
    • High-throughput screening
    • Animal models for laboratory research and/or manufacturing
    • Discovery and screening of novel drug targets
    • Target and pathway validation
    • Research tools, kits, and reagents
    • GMP production of healthcare products
  • 03
    Agriculture & Livestock applications
    • All internal R&D for trait discovery and development
    • Creation and commercialization of modified strains for food and feed